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RHS RootGrow 360g

This is the first and currently the only plant or soil treatment to be licensed by The Royal Horticultural Society. RHS Gardeners find plants treated with Rootgrow Have superior plant establishment with better natural vigour Overcome re-plant problems more successfully Have better developed...

Fungus Clear Ultra Gun (3 in 1) 1Litre

Fungus Clear Ultra Gun (3 in 1) 1Litre Systemic fungicide for the control of fungal diseases on roses, other flowering and ornamental plants, trees, shrubs and conifers in the garden, greenhouse, conservatory and home. 3 in 1 Action: - Fights existing infections of powdery mildew,...

Grazers G3 Formula (Cabbage Butterfly) 750ML RTU

Grazers G3 Formula (Cabbage Butterfly) 750ML RTU Using a very safe but effective formula, sprayed directly onto the foliage, not only is the plant being treated against potential damage from cabbage white butterflies, caterpillars and aphids, and its growth stimulated and strengthened, but there...

Jacobi Jayne - Flutter Butter Feeder

Jacobi Jayne Flutter Butter Feeder Give birds a nutty protein boost with our Flutter Butter™ Feeder. It couldn't be simpler: just twist in a 330g jar of calorie-packed, low-salt Flutter Butter™ and hang the feeder from a handy tree branch or hook. No-mess jar swaps take just...

Honda 4 Stroke Engine Oil 10W30 600ML

Honda 4 Stroke Engine Oil 10W30 600ML An up to date universal engine oil formulation produced with high quality solvent refined base oils, and a well-balanced choice of additives. Meets the requirements of all petrol and diesel engines. (Check your manual). Designed for use in Honda 4 stroke...

Jacobi Jayne - Basketball Window Feeder

Jacobi Jayne - Basketball Hanging Feeder Holding up to three 100g Chunky Dumplings™ – Basket Ball™ lets birds feed without the risk of getting tangled in fat ball nets. Moulded in polypropylene, the feeder snaps open and shut for instant refills. Pick from a choice of two models, both...

Neudorff Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer Bottle 800G

Neudorff Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer Bottle 800G Neudorff’s Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer is produced using cutting edge bait production technology. Once applied to the soil the pellets absorb moisture and swell, becoming even more attractive to slugs and snails. The advanced formulation also...

Incredibloom Plant Fertiliser 750G Tub

Incredibloom Plant Fertiliser 750G Tub incredibloom is a complete plant fertiliser that guarantees that your plants will be fed the correct nutrients as and when they need them. This ground breaking plant feed gives a fast acting, immediate result combined with a slow release, long-term effect...

Vitax Hydrangea Feed 1KG

Vitax Hydrangea Feed 1KG Use Vitax's Hydrangea Feed to create the maximum visual impact in your garden. Hydrangea Feed contains the major 3 nutrients essential for healthy growth plus added magnesium and iron to encourage abundant vibrant flowers. For vibrant & strong healthy growth Added...

Vitax Q4 Soluble Rootmore Mycorrhizal Fungi 50G

Vitax Q4 Soluble Rootmore Mycorrhizal Fungi 50G Suitable for roses, trees, shrubs and most edible and ornamental plants, Vitax Q4 Rootmore Soluble is packed with Mycorrhizal Fungi, beneficial bacteria and biostimulants to boost root growth and create healthier plants. Q4 Soluble Rootmore...

Aero Light Helmet Set Orange

A light weight helmet set with a large mesh visor, ventilations openings on the crest, high noise protection and an anti-dazzle peak in the classic Stihl orange

Vitax Slug Gone Wool Pellets 3.5L

Vitax Slug Gone Wool Pellets 3.5L Produced from wool and supplied in pellets, this is a natural, organic way to keep slugs and snails away from plants and is suitable for organic gardens. Simply lay the pellets on top of the compost in pots and planters, then water. The pellets will "self-felt"...

Resolva Bug Killer RTU 1LTR

Resolva Bug Killer RTU 1LTR Resolva Bug Killer Ready To Use is fast acting and can be used to control a wide range of difficult pests on over 30 types of fruit, vegetables and flowers. It can be used either indoors, including greenhouses or outdoors and will keep working for up to 2...

Taylors Bulb Fibre 10L

Taylors Bulb Fibre 10Litre This Bulb Fibre helps to improve the growing of all bulb types when planted in pots; helping them to grow strong and healthy. The fibre in this pack is ready to use and should be poured directly into container placing the bulb two thirds of the way from the base. The...

Westland Rose Rescue RTU 750ML

Westland Rose Rescue RTU 750ML Rose Rescue is a combined insecticide plus systemic fungicide for use outdoors on roses. It will control aphids as well as offering some protection against rust and blackspot. - Systemic fungicide plus insecticide - Fights rose diseases - Kills greenfly &...
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