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Free Delivery on all orders over £50 - UK mainland only

Free delivery on all orders over £50. UK Mainland only.

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Hessian Potato Sacks

Traditional Hessian potato sacks, made from breathing material. Allows your crop to breathe and stay fresh, whilst being kept dark. Size 20" x 30" Will hold approximately 25KG

Burgon & Ball - Seed Storage Envelopes

Pack of 12 useful envelopes for collecting and storing seeds - each envelope has space to record seed type, date collected and any additional notes.

Burgon & Ball - Mini Snips

Pocket sized snips perfect for deadheading, collecting herbs and pinching out annuals. 11cm in length with short razor sharp blades. Perfect for tidying up those stray bits of new growth you spot whilst wandering around your garden, also a fantastic gift idea for all those keen gardeners

Burgon & Ball - Round Pot Tamper

Burgon & Ball's Round Pot Tamper is perfect for firming and leveling compost for seed sowing. This product is perfect as a gift for keen gardeners who seem to have everything. Hand crafted out of FSC beech wood

Burgon & Ball - Cell Tray Tamper

Perfectly sized for use in cell trays! Firm and level compost before seed sowing for improved germination. 3.5cm square, FSC certified beech wood.

Burgon & Ball - Plant Labels

6 plant labels in 3 sizes, ideal for marking large plants or vegetables, labelling in plant pots and keeping a record of your seedlings. A great little gift or for general garden use! Label lengths 10cm, 15cm and 20cm. Made out of FSC certified beech wood.

Burgon & Ball - Seed Tray Tamper

Firm and level compost in seed trays before seed sowing for improved germinations. Gets into corners very satisfyingly. 8cm square, FSC certified beech wood.

Burgon & Ball - Cell Tray Trowels

A lovely gift set of Cell Tray trowels, handily sized. perfect for filling in cell trays without messy over spill. This makes transporting seedlings into larger pots extremely easy and would be a perfect gift. Stainless steel heads, with FSC certified wooden handles.

Burgon & Ball - Seeds & Stuff Tin

The Burgon & Ball - Seeds & Stuff Tin is handy for Keeping your seeds, twine, labels, snips and other garden paraphernalia, tidy and to hand in this useful, flip top, compact storage tin. Lovely to buy for yourself or perfect for buying as a gift. Items in picture not included, Tin...

Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball - Gardener's Gubbins Pots

These gorgeous tins by Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball bring a pleasing order to all bits and bobs and save hours of hunting and unravelling. Perfect for in the shed or even in the home to tidy up small bits and pieces that could be used in the garden. Colour - Raspberry Each set contains 9...

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