Summer is almost upon us, and just as soon as the sunshine comes back we will have the green light for good times in the garden! Why not use this time to get your garden ready for hosting some summertime entertainment. Here are our top tips on how to shape up your outdoor space:

Spring clean surfaces

Your gleaming patio slabs can take on a rather green appearance over winter, with the help of mosses and weeds which make their home in the cracks, and mildew which can stain the surfaces. Our Job Done Moss Killer makes quick work of - quite literally - clearing the decks ready for summer parties.

Mow and feed your lawn

It’s high time for the first cut of the season, so get your mower out and cut your lawn back down to size. Go easy though, if you take it too short you can end up with a sparse, yellowing lawn instead of the soft green party carpet you had in mind. To keep your lawn happy, make sure to feed it once in a while. Our child and pet-friendly lawn fertiliser does the job while keeping your small and furry family members safe.

Borders in bloom

Now’s the time to get those summer flowering bulbs and seeds in the ground and feed them up with a good all-purpose plant fertiliser. While you’re at it, keep your lawn edges prim and pretty with a little attention from a strimmer or the addition of some white-picket edging around your borders. Now all that’s left to do is wipe down the barbecue, haul a few deck chairs out of the shed, and get some beers in the fridge. Your garden’s all ready for some well-earned relaxation.